Buy For A Baby

Design, build and launch of a Shopify e-commerce site

In this website design project, I was tasked with creating a Shopify site. I began by carefully designing the site's layout, ensuring that it was intuitive and user-friendly. I also focused on incorporating several seamless third-party integrations to enhance the site's functionality and provide users with an enjoyable shopping experience.

Once the design was complete, I moved on to building and launching the site. I ensured that the backend product setup was fully optimised and easy to manage, linking with payment gateways and shipping providers. With the advanced functionality, users can easily navigate the site from start to finish, making their shopping experience a breeze.

Thanks to careful planning and attention to detail, the client now has a fully functional and profitable online store. The backend setup makes product management a breeze, allowing the client to focus on driving conversions and growing the business. I am proud to have been a part of this project and excited to showcase it in my portfolio section.