We'll work together throughout the process to create a site you're proud of.

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Step One


During our initial meeting we'll figure out exactly what you're looking for in your website. You can share your design ideas and we can discuss branding, content, colour schemes and the overall scope of the project. Don't worry if you don't have any ideas yet, it's my job to come up with them! You'll leave the meeting with a clearer idea of what your website will look like and I'll have lots of ideas to move forward into the design phase.

Step Two


In the design stage I will be working on some or all of the following: branding including logo design; image gathering; content writing; site structure. I will research current industry trends and your popular competitors. I will send you a design prototype for approval before moving onto the building phase.

Step Three


With the design approved I will move onto building your website. The platforms I build in (Webflow and Shopify) allow me to build much quicker than other tech stacks or frameworks, so you won't be waiting months for the finished site. The site will be built so that it is accessible to all users and responsive on all screen sizes.

Step Four


Once approved I will connect your custom domain and host the site for you. At this point a paid hosting package will be connected to your site. I will teach you how to edit the site and the project won't be wrapped up until I'm confident you can do this alone! Your website is now yours and will be a breeze to maintain.